Monday, February 15, 2016

bomber jacket

Definitely my new favorite piece of outerwear!

Hi friends! It's been awhile, we know. Looking forward to sharing more great things this year!

Anyway, with the weather in SF being so temperamental, I was on the hunt for a lighter jacket than my usual heavy leather one. In this city, you can walk out the door in the morning in a t-shirt but by the time sundown comes around, you're going to need at least two more layers. I'm usually always prepared with a scarf or hat in my backpack. But this Zara jacket turned out to be exactly what I needed for those days! Lightweight enough for me to wear while I ride my bike around during the day, but still warm enough for when it gets dark out. 

Another item that's been on serious rotation since I got them-- the new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II's. So much more comfy than the originals, thanks to the new insoles! They're a must-have if you're all about being comfortable yet effortlessly stylish.

H&M shorts
Greylin top (similar here)
Converse sneakers