Wednesday, March 18, 2015

at sutro baths ruins

A maxi skirt and crop top kinda day.

I know I gush about San Francisco a lot, but I can't help that it's truly a beautiful city. For this post, I took the opportunity to go to a location I've always enjoyed but that I don't get to hang out at often enough. It always manages to offer a breathtaking view at sunset.

And now for a little SF history lesson: the Sutro Baths were the world's largest indoor swimming pool establishment in 1896. After burning down in a fire in 1966, the remains of the site became integrated into the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

I just love that for such a technologically driven and modern city, San Francisco has kept the actual ruins of a former popular building all these years, with no plans of changing the land or putting fancy high rise buildings on it. So random and wonderful.

Anyway, here's my outfit. It was a gorgeously warm day, so I opted for a maxi skirt and my forever reliable Converses. But as always, once the sun set, it got a little chilly. Hence the super warm and fuzzy shearling jacket. 

Forever 21 jacket and maxi skirt | American Apparel top
Zara bucket bag | Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunnies