Tuesday, November 4, 2014

nvey eco organic makeup

Currently part of my make-up regiment...//

Moisture Rich Foundation

"Fragrance free foundation using organic ingredients such as safflower and jojoba oils, enriched with vitamins A,C, & E" || Best part of their website is the foundation selector, allowing you to select the perfect match for your skin tone. I normally don't use any foundation at all, just a bb cream and powder bronzer, as I don't like having anything too heavy/greasy on my face but this is a very lightweight formula. It left my skin dewey throughout the day and evened out my skin tone. I would say that this probably wouldn't be for anyone looking for complete coverage, but more of just a tinted moisturizer.

Nourishing Compact Bronzer

"Talc free and formulated using soothing organic ingredients such as corn starch, chamomille and jojoba oil, with added antioxidants" || Definitely my favorite product from this line so far. It gives me a healthy radiance without making my face look oily throughout the day.  I wear the bronzer over the fluid foundation, creating a semi-matte finish and natural glow.

Hydrating Lip Lustre

"Stunning shades and fabulous finishes that envelope your lips with organic beeswax, safflower oil, castor oil and vitamin E" || I don't like sparkly lip gloss, but the minerals it contains makes this glide on smooth and not sticky. The texture is between lip gloss and lipstick, creating a high shine effect in rich colors. 

Click here to view the complete line of NVEY ECO makeup.