Wednesday, July 30, 2014

trendy thrifting

All pieces in this outfit were bought at various thrift stores! 

Crazy, right? Here are a few tips on what to look for when shopping at thrift shops...

I feel like thrift store shopping doesn't get a lot of love in the fashion blogger universe. As I am still a broke college student, I can't afford a lot of the nicer, more luxurious pieces that I frequently see on other fashion blogs. So the most I can do is online window shop those big name brands and drool all over my computer. Sigh... some day, I say to myself, some day, when I'm a real grown up...

For now, the good thing is I can still emulate those looks by shopping at secondhand stores. When it comes to thrift stores, I've learned from experience that the key thing is to be aware of the current trends and pay extra attention for pieces that fall into those trends. Simple, minimal, and classic silhouettes also never fail. Skip over anything that is obviously unflattering and outdated, and I mean outdated enough that even the most ironic of hipsters couldn't pull it off. 

For example, the shoes. Mules are super popular right now. They're all over my instagram feed. The moment I saw these black strappy beauties and realized they were my size-- oh it was like the universe brought us together. (Sounds dramatic, but I'm sure all you other shoe addicts know that feeling.)


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