Thursday, December 5, 2013

thanksgiving family weekend

This past Thanksigiving weekend, us sissyfaces were reunited along with the rest of our Ocampo family in San Francisco.

It's always special to us when we are all together since the majority of us live in LA, while the parentals and youngest sissy live in the Bay Area. Even though we're older now and our two oldest siblings have families of their own, we're still the same crazy Ocampo kids everyone knows and loves.

It was a grand weekend staying at The Fairmont Hotel, paying a visit to our beloved Tonga Room which we frequented growing up, and having a siblings night out. Even the babies had a great time seeing Santa and the ribbon cutting of the giant gingerbread house at the Fairmont. But the highlight of the weekend was our family photoshoot. We haven't had a real family portrait done since we were kids in the early 90's. Sissyface #1, being the fashionista that she is, styled the shoot making sure we wore seasonally appropriate colors. She wanted to keep it easy with clothes everyone already owned so she chose a neutral palette of blush, cream, black and denim/chambray.

This would make an awesome Gap or J.Crew advertisement! :)

(Sissyface #1)

(Sissyface #2)